Works by Esther Brown

This gallery has work by Esther Brown. Descriptions of work can be found here. If a work has not been sold, it can be selected for purchase. If the original is purchased, look to see if there are any reproductions of that image available. 



Esther Brown was born in Detroit, Michigan and came out to southern California around the age of 4. She started making art around that same age. She was first taught about art by her grandmothers. 


She was painting with oil paints by age 8 and she was a printmaker during community college. After moving to northern California, she took up watercolor under the instruction of Anne Pierce at CSU, Chico. Esther has a relentless work ethic when it comes to creating art. Her production is prolific, to say the least. She likes to try a variety of methods and mediums now. While her base is often water-based paints and media, a large variety of materials and surfaces can be seen throughout her work. 


She favors the Surrealists and the Cubists from art history, but she is not limited to those eras when it comes to her preferences of artists from history. She also likes Delacroix and Monet. 


Esther has taught 3 generations of artists in her family and remains the inspiration for the art that the family creates. 


Artistic Influences

Esther favors bright colors and water-based media. She will often mix different media to achieve her vision of what she wants. She does not go into her work with a preconceived idea, but allows herself to have a dialogue with the work that she is creating so she can respond to what unfolds on the surface of whatever she is working on. 


Esther has worked on a variety of surfaces. She has used paper, wood, gourds, stone, canvas, and other materials as well. She used paint, pencils, pens, collage, and more as she creates her images and shares her vision. 


Her style is also reflective of her upbringing. She grew up close to the ocean, so much of her imagery refers to her preference of being close to the ocean. As a child she would go fishing with her father, so that is part of the reason so many fish can be seen throughout much of her work. She often goes to vacation on the northern coast of California and uses that experience to drive her art a well. 


In addition to all of that, she also collaborates with her family on different ideas. Her art is truly a combined influence of her experiences. 




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