Works by Gina Navarro-Brown

This gallery has work by Gina Navarro-Brown. Descriptions of work can be found here. If a work has not been sold, it can selected for purchase. If the original is purchased, look to see if there are any reproductions of that image available.  



Gina Navarro-Brown is the wife of Jesse Brown and a co-owner of Brown Artworks. She comes from Panama City, Panama. Her country is a large source of influence for her in all aspects of her life and the work that she creates. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and loves designing creative cards and invitations, as well as doing photography. Gina is strongly connected to her family in Panama, as well as her family here in the US. Gina enjoys bright colors and dynamic, emotional compositions that are uplifting and inspiring. 


Artistic Influences

Two of the main themes that can be seen in the photography that Gina and Jesse collaborate on are waves and water and stone. Jesse and Gina work together, seeing things in their surroundings that make for a good image and/or story. Photography is really about telling stories within a theme, and Gina and Jesse understand that when the work together the stories are best told through a pair of eyes rather than just one person's vision alone. The challenge is to understand each other's vision enough where they both do not get in the way of the other as they try to capture their vision within their surroundings. 


The trick is to make the photos seem seamless, no matter who is standing behind the lens at the moment the photo is shot. Working as a team is tricky, but incredibly rewarding and it keeps the process from becoming lonely or monotonous. 





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