Works by Gisella Williams

This gallery has work by Gisella Williams. Descriptions of work can be found here. If a work has not been sold, it can selected for purchase. If the original is purchased, look to see if there are any reproductions of that image available.  



Gisella Williams grew up in Chico, CA and works with multiple media. She won a community art award from Chico’s Farmer’s Market and had her work posted around the city on billboards and other signage. She attended workshops at Chico State University and has also attended Butte College where she studied art. A great deal of her training and knowledge in the arts came from her grandmother, Esther Brown, who is also an artist for Brown Artworks.

Gisella works a great deal in jewelry making, producing a diverse array of designs for earrings. Many of her earring designs can be seen on this website and are for sale in our web store. Her earrings can also be purchased, in person at our booth, during fairs and festivals that we participate in. 


Artistic Influences

Gisella’s influences come from her grandmother, Esther Brown, as well as the surrealist Dali. It should be noted that most of our family is influenced artistically by the surrealist and cubist movements in art history. For further information, or questions, please feel free to email us and one of the members of our family will respond promptly. 



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