Works by Jesse Brown

This gallery has work by Jesse Brown. Descriptions of work can be found here. If a work has not been sold, it can selected for purchase. If the original is purchased, look to see if there are any reproductions of that image available.  



Jesse grew up in rural northern California, close to Chico, California. He spent his childhood growing up along the shores of the Sacramento River. He was taught from an early age by his mother, Esther Brown. She instructed him about art and the fundamentals it took to be a good artist. After he graduated high school he studied art at CSU, Chico in the BFA program and got his BFA in 1996. From there, he went on to continue his studio work in graduate school in printmaking under an Interdisciplinary Studies MA. After starting his career as a teacher, he continued to make and sell his work and have shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the Chico area. 


Artistic Influences

As an undergraduate, Jesse had the opportunity to travel to the homeland of his great-grandparents, Italy. There he was able to view the work of the great Italian masters, and witness in person the marvels of the church architecture that pervades every city and town throughout Italy. These artisitic influences greatly influenced his early thinking and the way he chose his subject matter in his work. 


In addition to his exposure to Italian art and architecture, there is a family style that centers on Cubism and Surrealism that flows throughout the artists within his family. 




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